Deeper Love Collection
Deeper Love Collection
Deeper Love Collection
Deeper Love Collection
Deeper Love Collection
Deeper Love Collection

Deeper Love Collection

Laugh, connect, and unwind with the perfect bundle for couples.
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Leave the small talk to others . . . Transform Social Gatherings & Deepen Bonds With Your Loved Ones. Discover the simple game that sparks connection and evokes compelling conversations.

What's Included:

  • Life Stories is the ultimate tool to help friends & families engage intimately to create a sense of togetherness organically Unlock forgotten memories with this unique storytelling game. Each card introduces opportunities for self-expression, opening the door to new and exciting elements of conversation.
  • Perfect Element For All-Occasions Make dinner parties, afternoon hang-outs, or post-work happy hour a space where heart-to-hearts are the name of the game
  • Intergenerational Connection Inspire grandparents and elders to share their experiences and uncover incredible stories just waiting for the chance to emerge
  • Form Fast Connections with New Friends Uncover common ground with conversations starters that go beyond surface-level chit-chat
  • Dive deeper with Loved Ones Increase a sense of togetherness and transform engagement with adult children, long-term partners, and old friends.
  • Contains Three Card Decks: Life Stories Cards ($34), Slip! Dinner Game ($34),  Double Date ($34) - Total Value: $102

How to Use

You can take this versatile game anywhere.

Customer Reviews

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Relationship Essential!

I can't think of a better investment in your relationship than this set! My husband and I have connected on such a deeper level since playing and we go back to these when we're feeling a bit bogged down with the daily stresses of life. Such a wonderful way to connect!

J. Osc
5 stars

5 stars

Beatrice Nel.
Love it

The packaging is beautiful, the cards are meaningful, and the design is gorgeous.

Great gift

This makes for a great gift. We have used all of the cards at this point and had a great time.

Beautiful gift

I bought these for a bridal shower. She said it was the most meaningful gift they received.


1% donated to mental health

Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging

Latina woman owned

Made with vegan inks & environmentally-friendly dyes

Get closer

Discover the people around you on a new level.

Tried & True


I've been married to my husband for years now, but we found out new stories about each other. It was surprising to find new stories, and it helped us better connect.

Brooklyn, NY

Life Stories felt unique and fun in a new way. With other card packs, once you've used the deck, you can't really re-use them -- you've answered all the questions & heard all the stories. With Life Stories though, there are endless combinations of situations + feelings so you can re-use these cards with family & friends over and over. We've enjoyed them with people from all ages!

Brenda F

I learned 6 new stories I have not heard before (how they met some family friends, how they felt at our wedding, stories from their jobs in their 20s, etc.) .... Some which explained a lot and made me feel even closer to my in-laws.

Devon M.

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