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Networking is unfulfilling. Conversations are boring, so banal that you don’t even remember them when you get home. 

Meaningful Moments offers the exact opposite through a series of intentional dinners. Meaningful Moments is a place for fun, open-minded and interesting conversations, coming to life via dinners around the world. At Meaningful Moments dinners, guests are banned from asking questions such as "What do you do?" and "Where are you from?" - we think you answered those enough already- but instead talk about who is their favourite parent, and what's the most expensive thing they've ever stolen - with the input of curated conversation cards.

You are one question away from feeling connected to anyone.



We work hard to ensure our experiences take place in a trusting, good vibes and non-judgmental environment. This is why our dinners are invitation only; not because we are a bunch of stuck-up egomaniacs, but because we really, really, REALLY care about the experiences we create.

If you don't have an invitation code, but would really like to join us, we would love to have you! You have 2 options:

1) You can reach out to one of your friends who previously attended our dinners and ask them to vouch for you - by sharing their invitation code.
2) Alternatively, you can email us - we look forward to hearing from you !



Here is a list of principles, ideas, attitudes which the Meaningful community strives to embrace at our dinner experiences - and beyond. 

  • Embrace and share your flaws and weakness. 

  • Don’t judge; what you think of others says more about you, than them.

  • Keep an open mind. Challenge your own beliefs.


In all of our programs, we:

  1. Foster an intimate environment where leaders support each other in addressing their most pressing challenges.

  2. Provide a venue for each participant to become more interpersonally influential and skilled as a leader.

  3. Build a values-aligned community.

It takes a village to create an ecosystem where positive leadership and making choices with your business to do the right thing are shared values and basic expectations. Our core belief is that leaders who operate this way will outperform those who don’t, and will build businesses that have sustainable positive impact.

The first step toward that vision is a small group of individual leaders making a commitment to their own growth, supported and accelerated by the power of a tightly connected community.


What if I need to arrive late?

Our program is based around the creation of highly intimate trusted groups with a lot of shared knowledge.  As such, it is very important that all members make a firm commitment to attend on time, as your absence will hinder the value of the experience for everyone in your group. 


“If you’ve ever wanted to improve your ability to connect with those around you, build trust, and share authentically, attend this program.”
— Jessica Thomers
“This is an experience of a lifetime: you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll learn more about yourself and the human-condition then you could imagine.”
— Carla Blye

To connect through laughter

Try slipping in a scripted sentence throughout dinner conversation. Watch people lean in to listen more attentively, and speak up more. Laughing is practically guaranteed.

To discover something you'd never known

Life Stories uses a unique system of word combinations to spark up memories you'd long forgotten. Perfect for family & friend get togethers.