Key Biscayne Women Entrepreneurs

Live Deeply is excited to introduce
a membership community designed to promote valuable connections and provide Key Biscayne female entrepreneurs with highly-curated resources and educational programs to aid in the growth and expansion of their businesses.
We’ve created a space for you to share, learn, and grow together – to put you in thoughtful, direct contact with people who are building something new in this world. This is a space where you can ask questions, and learn from strong, capable women who are founders, builders and owners of businesses, just like you.

To connect through laughter

Try slipping in a scripted sentence throughout dinner conversation. Watch people lean in to listen more attentively, and speak up more. Laughing is practically guaranteed.

To discover something you'd never known

Life Stories uses a unique system of word combinations to spark up memories you'd long forgotten. Perfect for family & friend get togethers.