slip conversation starter cards game


  1. Get a card (beginner or advanced: you decide) and choose a sentence on your card.
  2. Throughout your conversation, find a way to slip in your sentence without getting caught (it helps to invent a story around it).
  3. If someone suspects you, they yell Slip! a win the number of points on your card (if they're wrong, they lose a point).
  4. If five seconds pass without anyone catching on, you yell Slip! and win the number of points on your sentence.
  5. Grab another card, and keep playing.
  6. At the end of the meal, the person with the most points wins.


A word of advice: don't read all the sentences in advance! that will make the game less fun for you.



To connect through laughter

Try slipping in a scripted sentence throughout dinner conversation. Watch people lean in to listen more attentively, and speak up more. Laughing is practically guaranteed.

To discover something you'd never known

Life Stories uses a unique system of word combinations to spark up memories you'd long forgotten. Perfect for family & friend get togethers.