Thanksgiving Conversation Questions

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Thanksgiving Questions

Here are the 3 questions I'll be asking my family over Thanksgiving.
1. What are you grateful for now, that you weren't grateful for when it happened?
I love this deeper take on the classic "what are you grateful for" because people's answers are often funny or reflective, and it brings me hope - sometimes we don't understand what we're going through until much later. 
2. Share something you're grateful for about someone here (an action, quality, or characteristic).
This does put people on the spot, but what emerges is often soothing for the soul. We all need to hear kind words here and there. If you've got a particularly willing group (most aren't), you can try having everyone write them down for each other to make a sweet keepsake.
3. What's the best Holiday gift you've ever received?
That's a trick question! They haven't received the Meaningful Relationships Collection yet, so they don't know what the best gift ever could be like.

To connect through laughter

Try slipping in a scripted sentence throughout dinner conversation. Watch people lean in to listen more attentively, and speak up more. Laughing is practically guaranteed.

To discover something you'd never known

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