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There’s no substitute for learning about a topic from an engaging expert alongside a group of thoughtful, open-minded peers. For this reason, at Meaningful Moments we offer:

  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • Webinars
  • Group sessions
  • Individual coaching
  • Lessons

How to Host Meaningful Moments. July 11, 5pm

More information and tickets can be found on our newsletter.


Authentic connection & friends. August 30, 4-6pm

How to revitalize family connection. 


Wisdom. August 12, 4-6pm

Wisdom isn’t something you get from a guru or a reward for performing certain actions. Wisdom is about inner work and transformation. Wisdom isn’t knowing more; it’s knowing more deeply, with more of yourself. Wisdom is caught more than taught. This course explores the Wisdom way of knowing and growing. Cynthia invites us to awaken to our yearning for a different kind of presence and to develop the skills, knowledge, and actions for our own transformation. 

True Self. August 28, 4-6pm

Mine for the real you that has been there all along, hidden under the trappings of ego and False Self. As Richard Rohr writes, “Life is not a matter of creating a special name for ourselves, but of uncovering the name we have always had.” We need ego to help us function, succeed, and belong. But if we let it stay in charge, ego stands in the way of living freely and authentically, from our God-given identity and calling. We are called to “die before we die,” to discover that the promise of resurrection is true for each of us, now. 

Productivity Principles. October 9, 2-4pm

10x-ing your productivity isn’t about doing more in less time — it’s about learning how to discern what’s truly important, and filtering out everything else. It’s about owning your time, and protecting it from other people’s agendas. You are the only one who can take control. The Productivity Principles 101 will show you how to do it. our own. Through our own trial and error, we’ve distilled it all into a repeatable series of steps you can take to: Eliminate time-wasters, Reduce unnecessary energy drains (both mental & physical), Say goodbye to overwhelm & procrastination, Start gaining traction on the stuff that actually matters. 


Fear is a natural and essential part of growth and a non-negotiable when chasing your goals. Each time you consciously step out of your comfort zone, the next uncomfortable thing feels a little easier. Join the Courage Over Comfort challenge and discover how small, but powerful daily steps will help you face your fears, cultivate courage, and feel unstoppable in all areas of your life.



To connect through laughter

Try slipping in a scripted sentence throughout dinner conversation. Watch people lean in to listen more attentively, and speak up more. Laughing is practically guaranteed.

To discover something you'd never known

Life Stories uses a unique system of word combinations to spark up memories you'd long forgotten. Perfect for family & friend get togethers.