Life Stories
Life Stories
Life Stories
Life Stories
Life Stories
Life Stories
Life Stories
Life Stories
Life Stories
Life Stories
Life Stories

Life Stories

Go beyond small talk.
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Your Go-To Game for Conscious Connection

Think you, your loved ones, and friends have run out of stories to share? Want to spark meaningful conversations but unsure where to start?

Meet your new favorite way to prompt conversations — Life Stories Cards — the easy card game for unlocking new stories and creating deeper bonds.

What's included:

  • Includes two decks of cards
  • Different prompt pairings per draw for endless combinations.
  • A sturdy, full-color box for gifting or travel.
  • Recommended for all generations, 2-12 players
  • Sustainably harvested recyclable paperboard printed with vegan inks
  • Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council™

How to use:

  • Every box of Life Stories Cards comes with two decks designed to evoke memories that may have been forgotten or untold, until now. Simply draw a card from each deck — Situations + Feelings. Then take turns responding (and listening) to the prompts.
  • You’ll discover gems about each other you never knew... and turn an afternoon or evening into a highly engaging, unforgettable experience.
  • Great for parties, family get-togethers, Girl’s Night, and third-date awkwardness.
  • Purchase Life Stories Cards and never be at a loss for words again.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Maria Chamorro
Fun for all ages!

If you want to take your lunch and dinner conversations to a whole new level, look no further! My family and I have been playing Life Stories during lunchtime for the past few weeks—we end up laughing so hard at stories that we share and also connecting like never before. My 5-year old loves it too—it’s been an eye opener for him:) thank you for creating this transformative game, Jenny!

Paula v. Y.

These are a very original way to share stories. Someone shared a time that they felt triumphant as a child and it was a hilarious story I had never heard about them before. I got a time I felt surprised during a meeting and I borrowed someone else's card to share a revelation they had never known.

Suzanne de Vine
Perfect for summer

I used this for a summer barbecue and we had a great time.

Helen R

Compact enough to fit in my purse. I take it with me whenever I go to dinners and they are well received. They help break the ice and get us talking. It's a very handy little tool.

Everyone loved these cards

These were given to me as a gift. But I found your website to leave a review because they left such an impression on me. My birthday falls right before Thanksgiving so this was part of the gifts that I received. I come from a large family, and Thanksgiving dinner can be full of people screaming over each other, talking to the people they know best, and different parties experiencing tension of different kinds.

Because I had this at hand, I put it on the kitchen counter while we were cooking and got some interested glances and a few people picking it up. Then I asked about it after dinner and I got a lot of resistance, people saying they just wanted to carry on with their usual. But they gave in to doing it once, and that was it. We were all hooked. After we went around sharing stories, everyone loved it. Mind you, our ages are 8.5 to 92. In fact, they asked to play again later in the day!


1% donated to mental health

Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging

Latina woman owned

Made with vegan inks & environmentally-friendly dyes

Get closer

Discover the people around you on a new level.

Tried & True


I've been married to my husband for years now, but we found out new stories about each other. It was surprising to find new stories, and it helped us better connect.

Brooklyn, NY

Life Stories felt unique and fun in a new way. With other card packs, once you've used the deck, you can't really re-use them -- you've answered all the questions & heard all the stories. With Life Stories though, there are endless combinations of situations + feelings so you can re-use these cards with family & friends over and over. We've enjoyed them with people from all ages!

Brenda F

I learned 6 new stories I have not heard before (how they met some family friends, how they felt at our wedding, stories from their jobs in their 20s, etc.) .... Some which explained a lot and made me feel even closer to my in-laws.

Devon M.

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