Meaningful Relationships Collection
Meaningful Relationships Collection
Meaningful Relationships Collection
Meaningful Relationships Collection
Meaningful Relationships Collection
Meaningful Relationships Collection
Meaningful Relationships Collection
Meaningful Relationships Collection
Meaningful Relationships Collection
Meaningful Relationships Collection

Meaningful Relationships Collection

LIMITED EDITION Three decks to amazing conversation.
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Enliven your conversations and create unforgettable bonds with our Meaningful Relationships Collection. With these conversation-sparking card decks, you’ll discover something new about your loved ones, laugh together, and cherish the memories you create. Get yours today and start making memories that last a lifetime!

Play Slip! to connect through laughter. Watch everyone lean in, listening more attentively as people try to say their fake sentence in normal conversation. We laugh every time we play as people make up crazy stories or blurt out something they just can’t say with a straight face.

Life Stories will help you discover new things about each other. We are formed by what we’ve lived, what happened, and what we decided. But many stories get forgotten. The magic with these cards is that they’ll help you recall things you might never have shared. You get a new prompt every time.

Origins will help you capture your family history for generations to come. Film your relatives (even yourself!) answering these questions to create a priceless keepsake.


  • 3 card decks – Life Stories, Origins, and Slip (our fan favorite!)
  • Lightweight box for convenient storage at home or on-the-go
  • Fun games and insightful questions to get everyone talking

Customer Reviews

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Samantha G

This beautiful collection has everything you need to connect with your loved ones on a whole new level. I thought I knew my sisters extremely well, but you won't believe how much we learned after playing these games together. We also had some good laughs. It was unforgettable. Can't wait to gift this collection to loved ones this holiday season!


5 stars

Maximiliano Clavel
Live deeply purchase

I bought the cards 3 weeks ago and my order said i was receiving the product on December 30, I haven’t received the cards yet and I don’t know how to look for my shipment status

Hi there, we are so sorry for the trouble. Your item was delivered on January 18th. It looks like the order was an international order placed on Christmas and shipped on December 28th. I called USPS on your behalf and unfortunately they said the delivery was delayed due to the holiday season (they had an overwhelming amount of packages to handle this year making it take longer to get packages through customs, etc.). Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay, we really wish we had control over this.

Ryan Jaspal
Great meaningful gift!

Thoughtful and unique gift idea aimed at storytelling, love it.

Ben Levitan
Great framework

The Meaningful Relationships collection is excellent. Thanks!

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Jenny Dalio launced Live Deeply, an ecosystem of experiential products, services and communities designed to help you discover the intrinsic joy that comes from authentic relationships.
Prior to Live Deeply, Jenny was the first female curator ofthe World Economic Forum's Global Shapers in Buenors Aires, Argentina and led a dinner on Hope & Faith for TED Global Vancouver. Yet, the purpose-driven entrepreneur is most proud of her work in founding SoulFire Series, a range of concerts and workshops in that brought together 30,000 in-person audiences of every major class, race and religion across four continents. SoulFire Series was both inspirational and action-oriented as attendees explored humanity's most difficult questions: the human experience, meaning, and what it means to truly transform and relate to each other. With the launch of Live Deeply, Jenny sought to build deeper, more purposeful relationships on a personal level. She believes that "While getting together is nice, deep connection is fundamental to true fulfillment."

Leave the small talk to others

Transform Social Gatherings & Deepen Bonds With Your Loved Ones. Discover the simple game that sparks connection and evokes compelling conversations.

Life Stories

Life Stories is the ultimate tool to help friends & families engage intimately to create a sense of togetherness and organically Unlock forgotten memories with this unique storytelling game. Each card introduces opportunities for self-expression, opening the door to new and exciting elements of conversation.

The card game

Slip! is the card game that energizes the party. Imagine a dinner conversation where every guest at the table is engaged, attentive, and laughing — both the shy and the outgoing alike.


An excellent gift that can be used at any family gathering for casual fun that makes lifelong memories. Show your aunts, uncles, and grandparents that you are interested in them and the knowledge and stories they can pass down. Spark curiosity in the younger generations and give grandkids the opportunity to get to know their grandparents deeply.


How do you play Life Stories?

Every box of Life Stories Cards comes with two decks designed to evoke memories that may have been forgotten or untold, until now. Simply draw a card from each deck — Situations + Feelings. Then take turns responding (and listening) to the prompts. You’ll discover gems about each other you never knew... and turn an afternoon or evening into a highly engaging, unforgettable experience. Great for parties, family get-togethers, Girl’s Night, and third-date awkwardness.

How do you play Slip?

Every Slip! card contains a unique phrase guest must say — verbatim — during dinner. Place one card under each dinner plate. Throughout the meal, your guests will guess when the other players have slipped their phrase into the conversation Does she actually “like rainy days?” Does he truly “want to lick a walrus?” Some phrases are easy to slip in. Others are nearly impossible. Each one leads to giggles and gaffes. (Here’s a secret: Slip! is more than a game — it’s the reason your guests will listen to one another.)

How do you play Origins?

Bring Origins to your next family dinner or casual gathering. Inside the box, you'll discover 70 cards, each with a question designed to elicit a thoughtful (and often surprising) response. Draw one card at a time and pose the question to your grandparent, aunt, uncle, or spouse. But just before you do, be sure to hit record on your phone or camera so their stories can be treasured for generations to come.


1% donated to mental health

Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging

Latina woman owned

Made with vegan inks & environmentally-friendly dyes

Get closer

Discover the people around you on a new level.

Tried & True


I've been married to my husband for years now, but we found out new stories about each other. It was surprising to find new stories, and it helped us better connect.

Brooklyn, NY

Life Stories felt unique and fun in a new way. With other card packs, once you've used the deck, you can't really re-use them -- you've answered all the questions & heard all the stories. With Life Stories though, there are endless combinations of situations + feelings so you can re-use these cards with family & friends over and over. We've enjoyed them with people from all ages!

Brenda F

I learned 6 new stories I have not heard before (how they met some family friends, how they felt at our wedding, stories from their jobs in their 20s, etc.) .... Some which explained a lot and made me feel even closer to my in-laws.

Devon M.

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