Female Founders Collective Gift Guide 2022

If you're looking to support women-owned businesses, you've come to the right place.

Nomad Lane

Nomad Lane

Nomad Lane crafts travel essentials to take you from boarding to boardroom in style. We believe that work and play can seamlessly blend together, that traveling can be stress-free, and that highly functional gear does not have to compromise on aesthetics.



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Founded in Brooklyn, Rellery is all about telling your unique story through jewelry. Our pieces are thoughtfully crafted to speak to the soul, and we believe in the power of wearing meaningful pieces closer to the heart.



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Tasty ribbon

A modern food gift experience where people can savor the flavor of authentic artisanal products from Italy with a one-of-a-kind personal touch. Tasty Ribbon provides simple, hand-selected natural ingredients combined in stunning flavors, made with excellence and craftsmanship, and delivered in bespoke packaging right to your door. 

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We believe everyday objects don't have to be boring. We think a tray with a colorful pattern beats a plain one all day long.



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The local vault

The Local Vault is a high-end furniture and decor consignment marketplace. We hand select and professionally price pre-owned luxury furnishings for the design minded and eco-conscious.



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Picture this: You encounter a breathtaking flower arrangement sitting with stunning grace atop a table. Inspired, you think to yourself, “I could make that!” Spoiler alert: You can’t. Yet! That’s where we come in. When your Petalled box lands on your doorstep, you’ll open it to find a magic garden of gorgeous blooms next to step-by-step instructions that will help you—yes you—create your own incredible bouquet. 



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Bolsa Nova Handbags

Bolsa Nova is Portuguese for “new bag.” That’s because with just a few quick clicks, you can change your straps to create a new bag of your own creation.



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Motherhood is hard enough, so we keep it simple with elevated basics that merge the functionality moms need with the premium comfort we deserve. We pride ourselves on creating luxe, elevated essentials with the highest quality fabrics designed to flatter your changing body and make complicated things a little less complicated, and a lot more comfortable.



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Lorrel has redefined sustainable fashion for style innovators by allowing you to create multiple looks with a few versatile pieces.



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While we loved the benefits of working out regularly, we agonized over the inevitable prep time that followed. After a good sweat session, we found ourselves needing to wash our hair every. single. time. We fantasized about a product that could clean our hair without requiring a full wash and dry.

SWAIR creates revolutionary haircare made from safe, high quality ingredients for active people. They focus on products that multi-task and save time so you can be in the gym, on the mat, or wherever you break a sweat.


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FrutaPOP, the makers of the world’s finest gourmet, alcohol-infused ice pop is reinventing the ice pop – a product that hasn’t seen an innovation in the last 50 years. FrutaPOP is the first of its kind to contain healthy, natural ingredients without any added sugars, syrups or dyes. The company’s innovative product line launched with alcohol-infused ice pops and has quickly expanded to also offer a non-alcoholic product line including fruit and vegetable juice ice pops and coffee ice pops.



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Emma Lou is all about flattering, newfangled design- changing the way technology & style is infused. We are here for the sunkissed woman on the go. Whether that’s going from a shoot to barre, or barre to brunch. Her style is effortlessly cool- A.K.A, you.



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Inspired by the welcoming and friendly pickleball community, PARLAY brings a collection of premium essentials and gear to this dynamic group. Games are just as much social events as they are athletic competitions. PARLAY will make you look good on and off the court. Let's Play!



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Bliss'd offers a balanced and approachable path to self-care. Accessible and easy-to-use products, tips and solutions. Supporting other moms on their personal growth journey.



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Etalon means “standard” in French. They believe that healthy posture — and all of the benefits that come with that — should be the new standard. As a brand, they celebrate everyone’s uniqueness while wanting everyone to share in the same bright future.

The biggest breakthroughs happen when seemingly disconnected industries cross-pollinate. Etalon have big plans for the future in orthopedics, fashion, and wearables.



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Mélange Collection

Mélange Collection have been working with the same artisan groups for many years and have developed long-term, committed partnerships that help promote sustainable income, environmental awareness and greater economic equality.  We pay fair prices in the local context, offer fair credit terms and prompt payment, we promote safe and healthy work places and we respect cultural diversity.



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ELAVI's collagen protein bars! (they make a great pre-workout boost, breastfeeding snack, and a protein-packed mini dessert).



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Gold Coast Doulas

In BECOMING, you'll get the supportive community + expertise you need to feel confident & prepared during your journey into motherhood and beyond. Code is Becoming50 for $50 off the birth and baby prep online course. 



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Whipped lashes NY

Magnetic lashes are easy to use and safe. But your eyes are important and delicate, so here's what you need to know.

What Are They? These reusable products gain their popularity likely for one main reason: convenience. Unlike old-fashioned extensions, which stick onto the eyelids with glue, magnetic eyelashes contain tiny magnets. These attach to a thick coat of magnetic eyeliner above your lash line in seconds. You can remove them by gently peeling the lashes apart from the magnetic eyeliner.



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For Sea and Oats

For Sea and Oats creates all-natural, high-performance, and oat-based products for the need of sensitive skin, while providing low-waste alternatives in daily skincare routine. All products are formulated with naturally-derived ingredients, such as plant butters/oils, honey, herbs, fruit extracts, and natural clays, without any synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrances. We carefully source each individual ingredient to ensure the highest quality. Being cruelty-free is important for us. We never test on animals.


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